Here’s a recipe for a tasty Lebanese soup made with meat-stuffed pasta and a yogurt broth. Growing up, we used to consider this comfort food and we still do!


Steak – 2 ounces, diced
Dough – 5 ounces
Yogurt, Plain – 1 32 oz. container
Onion – 2 tablespoons, finely diced
Garlic – 1 large clove, minced
Mint, fresh & dried – 2 or 3 leaves (Optional)


1. When mincing garlic, add in fresh mint leaves and mince together. Set aside
2. In a bowl, add onion, steak, a couple dashes of salt, pepper, and dried mint. Mix together
3. Add some flour to a flat surface and roll dough into long stick formation
4. Cut into pieces (1/2 inch pieces)
5. Using flour to keep from sticking, take piece of dough and use thumbs to flatten it out into a circle. Add a small mixture to center and close it to make it into a moon shape, and then close it completely to make it look like a tortellini *See pictures for guide.
6. In a bowl, mix 1/3 cup of rice and a cracked egg and set aside
7. Pour whole container of yogurt into a pot. Using the empty container, fill it up with water and add that water to the pot. Add tablespoon of salt. Use whisk to mix it together on medium low. Whisk for 10 minutes (clockwise).
*Be sure to keep mixing so it does not clump or separate
8. Add rice and egg mixture and continue to whisk for an additional 10 minutes
9. After ten minutes, add dough pieces on by one while continuing to stir.
10. Stir for another five minutes and then add minced garlic and mint. Taste to see if rice is cooked, turn stove off and enjoy!

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