One word to describe how this tastes: refreshing!

This dish can be eaten alone or used as a dipping sauce. It doesn’t really have a specific name that we know of, so we just call it a Cucumber and Yogurt salad. We love eating this on a hot sunny day with grilled foods and pita bread. If you are a fan of plain greek yogurt, you will love this recipe. It’s incredibly easy to make! 🙂


One large cucumber or 2 mini cucumbers (pickling cucumbers)
Two cups of greek yogurt (you can also use regular plain yogurt, it just may not be as thick)
3 small or medium garlic cloves (depends on how much garlic you like to use)
16 fresh spearmint leaves
Half teaspoon of salt​​


1. Using a pestle or food processor, mince the garlic, salt, and mint together
2. Slice cucumber into round slices or halves
3. Add sliced cucumber and yogurt with the rest of mixture and mix well

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